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Help Topics - Can I upload a cover song or remix? does not permit copyrighted audio samples or artwork from movies, television programs, videos, games, radio or CDs to be uploaded without prior written permission from the copyright holder(s). If you are uploading a remix of another artist's recording, you must obtain prior written permission from both the owner of the original recording and the owner of the underlying musical composition. Tracks determined by to be "pirated" recordings will be deleted immediately and the artist page subject to permanent deletion.

Cover songs are allowed on, but only after you obtain all necessary license(s) from the publisher(s) of that song. You should be able to identify the publisher(s) of most songs by examining liner notes of recordings containing that song or by searching one or more publicly accessible online databases, such as the U.S. Copyright Office's Copyright Catalog of Music, ASCAP's ACE Database and BMI's Repertoire Search. The type of license(s) you will need depends upon how you intend to make the cover song available - as a download, stream and/or on a CD. However, regardless of how you intend to make a cover song available on, you are not required to obtain an Internet performance license from the performing rights organizations in the United States, such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC.

While reserves the right to require proof that you secured a valid license pertaining to any cover song uploaded to the web site, DO NOT submit license copies unless expressly requested to do so. no longer accepts delivery of unsolicited licenses, copies of correspondence or email confirmations from publishers concerning cover song licenses and will refuse, return or discard all such documents.

Please note, not only are you responsible for obtaining all necessary permissions, licenses and consents prior to posting any content to, you may be held liable for any and all costs and expenses (including legal fees) incurred by as a result of your unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.