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How often will I receive payments?

Important! The Payback for Playback promotion was discontinued on January 15, 2003. Get the details about this and other important changes to the Premium Artist Service, Artist Cash and CDs.

Traditional Paper Check Method:
Artists choosing to receive payment through traditional paper check and have an account balance of $100 or more at the end of a quarter, will receive payment at the end of such quarter. If your account balance is less than $100 at the end of a quarter, that amount will carry over to the following quarter(s) until you have accrued $100 or more by the end of a quarter.

Please refer to the table below for the 2003 payment schedule:


For earnings period (mm/dd/yy)

Payment mailed to Artist by:

Payment 1

Q4 ( 10/01/02 - 12/31/02)

February 28, 2003

Payment 2

Q1 ( 01/01/03 - 03/31/03)

May 31, 2003

Payment 3

Q2 ( 04/01/03 - 06/30/03)

August 31, 2003

Payment 4

Q3 ( 07/01/03 - 09/30/03)

November 30, 2003

Please note, your payment for earnings from the previous quarter may reflect some debits to your account occurring in the present quarter, such as Artist Cash expenditures or reimbursements to customers returning your CDs.

You can view a complete history of credits and debits in your Artist Earnings area. This information is updated regularly and archived so you can access it anytime by using the month and year pull-down menus.

We encourage Artists to utilize this tool before contact customer service with payment inquiries. Monthly Direct Deposit Program:
Earnings are distributed to participating Artists on or around the fourth Wednesday of the 2 month following the month in which the earnings were accrued. ING DIRECT"s policy requires that there is a five business-day hold period on deposits before you can access the funds. Learn more about the Monthly Direct Deposit Program.

Hold Earnings:
If you selected the "Hold Earnings" option in your Artist Admin area, your earnings will be held by until you select a different payment method.