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What are the actions I need to take to ensure I get paid in a timely manner?

In order to get paid, it is imperative that the following contact information in your Artist Admin area be correct.

  • Your current mailing address. If your mailing address isn't correct, you will not receive a paper check.
  • Your preferred method of payment. Please read, What are's different payment methods?
  • Your tax information. Failure to have a tax form on file (for Artists not residing in the U.S.) or your Social Security/Tax ID number (for U.S. Artists) may result in mandatory tax deductions. If those deductions would reduce your balance to under $50, your earnings will remain available, as Artist Cash and you will not receive a paper check. Please note, international Artists are required to complete form W-8BEN and are subject to income tax withholding in the United States.

You can view and edit your contact information and preferred method of payment, as follows:

For Artists
Step 1. Log in to your Master Artist Admin by clicking Artist Login from the homepage.

Step 2. Click on your Artist name.

Step 3. On the upper right corner of the page, next to "Contact and Payment Info," click the "edit" link. If you have not yet created a contact, you will instead see "add" in the same space.

For NMA Members
Step 1. Log in to your NMA Admin by clicking New Music Army from the homepage.

Step 2. Click on "NMA Members Only."

Step 3. On the lower left corner of the page, click the "Update Info" link.